• Jen Selter – the most popular butt on Instagram

    A lover of fitness Jen Selter has collected on his page in the social network Instagram whole army of fans. At this point, on the girl’s account has signed more than 10 million people who regularly go on her page to see the latest pictures of her fifth point. She appears regularly on the pages […]

  • iPhone 7 exploded during delivery

    One guy ordered by mail a brand new iPhone 7 through a delivery service. When you receive the parcel, he found the package is damaged, took the box with the device and found that the device exploded. The guy immediately put photos on their pages on social networks, what drew the attention of the vast […]

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  • Social Encyclopedia: Monalica – Website Review

    Everyday, thousands of websites, apps are being released. Personally i’m good startup addict. I like to create web projects. Also i love new startup ideas. Today, i’m going to review you the social encyclopedia website called Monalica.┬áMonalica is brand new encyclopedia startup which is a social network at the same time. Monalica is a social […]

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    Cool works with paper (25 PICS)

    Impressive in its simplicity , articles made of sheets of A4 paper from the Danish illustrator , known under the nickname HuskMitNavn.

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    Classic American cars (20 PICS)

    A selection of photos of retro cars built in the middle of the last century in the United States .  

  • Germany in 1900

    Beautiful color photographs of the German book “Germany Around 1900 ” , made long before the two world wars , which resulted in the country’s architecture has received an irreparable loss .

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    Playboy models with makeup and no makeup

    Interesting photos of Playboy models , where you can see how changing the girls after the application of cosmetics professional makeup artist .

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    Another Real Barbie doll, Lolita Richi (20 PICS)

    A couple of years ago Runet actively discussed Valeria Lukyanova – a girl who aspires to be like Barbie doll .It turns out that she has a lot of imitators , who want to achieve as well as the exterior of the doll . One of them – the girl under a pseudonym Lolita Richi […]