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  1. I like the graffiti one …. its like this person inside me telling me to do it only now his shadow is visible.

  2. amazing. i see this as the unknown power that tells us what to do and virtually controls us. without us even knowing. in a sense we’re slaves.

  3. when you’re athiest, you go nowhere. 🙂
    have fun with that.

    like dane cook says.

    i hope you’re re-born as a tree,
    and they make paper out of you
    and then they print the bible on you.

    har har.

  4. At least us atheists won’t be shitting our selfs with fear on our deathbed wondering if god will send us to the pits of hell or not.

    Great ad.

  5. I can’t figure out if this makes me feel helpless to the inner self that I cannot deny, or if it makes me want to fight harder against the primal urges that make me do things that are taboo.

  6. if you’re an atheist you don’t believe in reincarnation, go read your antique fiction, and stop forcing the world to your feet please

  7. Look at the text at the bottom of each ad: “Think for yourself”. The last advertisment is neither saying to believe in God or not to. It is simply saying that you should think, and if after thinking and weighing up what feels right to you, then follow that religion. If after thinking, you realise that it does not feel right, then don’t follow it.
    I am not a Christian. I have thought about who I am and what I believe and I have made my choices. But I have respect for those who have decided that they are Christian. If you follow a religion blindly and without thought, then you gain nothing in yourself.
    Just as you must think for yourself, so too should you allow others to think for themselves. Those who have chosen to be Christian must be allowed to follow their faith, just as those who have chosen something else should be allowed to be something else; be that Jew, Pagan, Muslim, one of the thousands of other religions out there, or an agnostic or athiest, as they please.
    Do not condemn one person for critisising you, then simply turn around and critisise them. Read this and accept it if you will, I will let you choose for yourself whether or not what I say has any bearing on your life. I will think for myself, and you shall do the same.

  8. sadly you atheists won’t know you’re in hell until you get there because you wouldn’t head JESUS’ warnings.

  9. Dane Cook actually made me believe there is no God. No way could a perfect being create something as awful as Dane Cook. Actually now that i think about it i guess Satan could have created him b/c if there was a hell i could imagine being forced to watch Dane Cook stand up for the rest of time.

  10. What kind of ridiculous statement is that, Me-you-you? I have a feeling I am feeding the trolls here but I will try to answer anyway. First of all, atheism is not a religion, atheism is a belief that there is no god or higher power. Just because I might not find any comfort or moral guidelines in my atheism doesn’t mean it doesn’t give me anything. I don’t need a set of commandments to know how to behave in society. I follow my own set of moral codes and values which I have built up during my lifetime, I’m not incapable of love, just incapable of loving someone who I don’t think exists. Instead of turning to god when I need advice and help in my life, I turn to family and friends whom I love and cherish dearly. I believe in what can be currently proven or whatever makes the most sense and if someone puts forth empirical evidence that there in fact is a creator or god I will believe it. My beliefs are not, unlike yours, set in stone by a book written thousands of years ago. The world from my point of view is a place in constant motion, nothing is final, everything can change.
    Surely that is not nothing.

  11. Why do we have set of rules to indicate how to behave in society? Why do we have organic law? and why don’t we all do whatever we like? They exist because it cannot be otherwise. Another command of God is not to judge others because of their beliefs. Anyway, the starting point must be the existence of God, if we don’t believe that, then no need to go into further discussions about commandments or other religious thoughts. I think the most important thing is to be forbearance to each other. Religions do not need us, we need religions. So as long as you are not preventing others freedom, then i don’t see any problem in different thoughts. Isn’t this the reason the world is not a boring place 🙂

  12. I would agree that Atheism is not a religion. It is a belief system though, just as you said. You have to have faith to believe that there is no God.

    Jesus never believed in religion either just so you know. I don’t need religion, because I have something even better, a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

    And no one forced me to believe anything. I am an intelligent person who came to the conclusion after years of searching for the TRUTH that God is very real! The proof is out there for anyone who REALLY wants to see it.

    But you have a sense or morality right? You would agree that killing is wrong and child molestation is wrong… I’m going to assume that I am correct in this. Well, where did these morales come from? They had to come from somewhere. And those beliefs that they are wrong are pretty mush universal. They had to be instilled in us by someone right? If we all just made up our own morales then I could say that rape was okay, because I set my own morales. But the world does not believe that rape is okay and neither do I.

    And if you believe there is no God, then I could also assume that you believe in evolution (forgive me if I am presumptuous) if evolution is true, then we are nothing more then an accident. You will live your life and end up as nothing.

    I’m sorry if I’m rambling but I just had to get some thoughts out there. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  13. I think you said just right saywhat. All those things you mentioned are universal, and i accept that, but there is a reason for them to exist. We can look at religion as a guide in front of us, to teach us whats right to do in front of which situations, e.g. killing.

    And as I know, Jesus was religious too, he was the messenger of God. So he believed in something.

  14. I don’t believe my moral values came from god, I believe that man has built up these generally accepted value sets through the thousands of years we have been around. If you look at it, most of them if not all are based on the premise that we don’t want to hurt other people. This is not something religion taught us but something that is almost essential for our survival and continued progress.

    You are correct in assuming that I see evolution as a credible theory. I realize that looking at a life as something that is not eternal might seem scary to some. But I don’t see it as that, I see this as more of an incentive to try and enjoy the short time we have on earth even more.

    You talk about the fact if you really want to believe in god anyone can believe in him. This is however true for everything, if I really want to believe that I can fly, I can trick my mind in to believing that I can fly. This doesn’t make it anymore true though.

    I understand, and you probably do as well, that none of us will change our minds over this matter. This is not something that people will just believe when told. This is something that a person needs to realize for themselves, the same goes for the religion side of the argument.

  15. I don’t see the point of everyone arguing about religion… 1) this is suppose to be a comment about the ad!!! 2) believe what you will! who is anyone to say you are wrong? If it feels right, it is right for you!
    oh and I really like the ad. It makes me think that all of our actions are not our own. I like it.

  16. I really liked the ad, it was poignant and thought-provoking; I read the comments to see what others thought and see it is yet another religious debate of those who cannot accept everyone, no matter what religion they so choose to believe… One should not debate religion in a public forum as everyone is entitled to their own belief; if yours is different then so be it, talk to others of you who believe what you believe, don’t argue with those who don’t — it’s rude!

  17. Is God willing to prevent evil but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.
    Is God able to prevent evil but not willing? Then he is malevolent.
    Is God both able and willing to prevent evil? Then from whence does evil come?
    Is God neither able nor willing to prevent evil? Then why call him God?
    – Epicurus.

  18. @Lady V: It’s very good to know that someone out there understands. I’m a Christian, myself (and a creationist at that) and it’s pretty hard to ignore the horrible things some say about my faith, but you have something that they lack… tolerance and understanding. Yet, I’ve seen many Christians lack that same quality…. It’s sad, really, how far from the path they stray, thinking they’re doing the right thing.
    One thing I’ve noticed people do is criticize organized religion for being behind horrible deeds, but what it really is, deep down, is that same intolerance that so many have.
    Religion really had nothing to do with the Crusades or the Holocaust or any other religious genocide or war, but be an excuse for men to do evil things in the name of their own hatred, much less God. And yet I see people blame whatever faith those tyrants had on these horrible things, when really, those tyrants would’ve found another excuse, if it were there for the taking….

  19. Wait if I’m atheist and because i haven’t excepted Jesus as my savior and believe in the one and only God then i will go to hell?

    Won’t all the fun people be in hell? and were do we get the implication that hell is a bad place? only thew bible which is supposedly written by gods disciples says so.

  20. I don’t get how this turned into religious debate. I thought the shadow figure reflected influence by culture, not a god or voice inside. It’s just people doing what society says, and letting the power of suggestion dominate their lives. The last pic I don’t think is saying that all people who pray are fools, just ones who pray out of tradition and when and how their social environment suggests they should be praying.

  21. I love how all the Christians think there religion is so original. It was a total rip off from Zoroastrianism, the oldest religion to date and yes it is older than Hindu. If you read the Zoroastrian “bible” it talks about how everything was created in six day and the last day was rest, The flood is in it too. While I don’t actually believe in any god I think that people should actually learn about religions before they bash them.

  22. You guys are all lame. The ads are about thinking for yourself instead of following the herd and letting others or apathy think for you, and you internet surfing know it alls have found a way to preach your beliefs or lack there of. Its fun watching any string of comments go down the drain when somebody mentions religion or race (ohh! Me saying what I believe in or telling so and so whats wrong with their way of thinking will really gain me some respect or divert somebody’s way of thinking!)
    Have fun being fat, losers.

  23. There is irony in the fact that people commenting on this page are obviously trying to be that man dressed in black, telling everyone what is ‘right’.

    Think for yourself… and allow others to think for themselves, regardless of your faith or lack thereof.

    As for the advertisements, I found they were very clever and quite thought provoking.

  24. Matt – You had me until the last line mate, I agree with the rest of what you said but I doubt everyone online is fat, although I certainly am.

  25. “At least us atheists won’t be shitting our selfs with fear on our deathbed wondering if god will send us to the pits of hell or not.”

    No… but the more intelligent atheists will be “shitting [themselves] with fear on [their] deathbed[s]” because it’s really all over for them, huh? I mean, no afterlife… Personally, I find that just as frightening as hell–though I don’t want to sound like my religion is based on fear.
    It isn’t, though I can’t say the same for many others.

    Viva el Papa!

  26. I sorta got the idea that the black shadow things were telling the people what to do. And the ad was encouraging people to think for themselves instead of letting others think for them. Anyone else get that??

  27. only live this one day, tomorrow is a lie. i would much rather live as though tomorrow will never come, as opposed to living to die and go on and live the afterlife. and why the religious waste their lives one sunday at a time, i may never know. But I do know that’s not for me…

  28. You’re all nuts. You have to consider the images in their context: it’s an advertisement for a newspaper with the slogan “just the facts.” The point is that the newspaper won’t be trying to push an agenda of its own in conveyance of the news. That said, I think it’s pretty gutsy to allude to so many controversial issues in an ad campaign (the implication that a newspaper encourages violent protests is pretty wild–though not unrealistic). But you have to consider where the ads were going to show up–probably in NewYork.

  29. I like how this all turned into religious bullshit. So I have to say one thing. Actually a few things. I would like to get this off my chest.

  30. I find it interesting how the “shadow man” is turning his head away from the homeless man. In every other picture it suggests that there is an invisible force that controls our every move, suggesting a god-like character that plans out our destiny. So why would they ignore the needy?

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