Wild Animals by Mukul Soman


Stunning photographs of animals inside womb

These amazing embryonic animal photographs of dolphins, sharks, dogs, penguins, cats and elephants are from a new National Geographic Documentary called “Extraordinary Animals in the Womb”. The show’s producer, Peter Chinn, used a combination of three-dimensional ultrasound scans, computer graphics and tiny cameras to capture the process from conception to birth. They are the most detailed embryonic animal pictures ever seen.


Nature... Photographer Sampo Kiviniemi

Photographer: Sampo Kiviniemi Web: www.sampokiviniemi.net


The Horse Races by Kalle Gustafsson


Underwater Photos.... Photographer Brian Skerry


Photo of Animals... Photographer Sandor Bernath


Yoga Cats Calendar!

To compete the yoga dogs some cats joined the team of professional photographer Dan Borris and his wife Alejandra and pose in various yoga style to create a stretching 2010 calendar that is sure to claw its way into the affections of animal lovers everywhere. Stretching into impossible poses these photogenic felines could be the most relaxed cats of all time. The poses were created using a mixture of real […]


Yoga Dogs Calendar!

This wall calendar gives new meaning to “Downward Facing Dog”. The Yoga Dogs 2010 calendar hosts a year full of images showing popular dog breeds positioned in classic yoga postures with the help of digital technology. These reworked dog portraits will bend your mind and delight you. Official Website : http://yogadogz.com/


Some Photos from Wild and ZOO

WWW: www.marecek.kx.cz


Animal Photos by Dirk Juergensen