Megan Fox Brahma Beer Commercial

Megan Fox Brahma Beer Commercial


Creative Ads by Ferdi Rizkiyanto

Photographer: Ferdi Rizkiyanto Web:


Creative Advertisement by Lorenzo Vitturi

Photographer: Lorenzo Vitturi web:


Asonor Creative Ad.. "Give Back His Dreams"

Client: Tanner Medico Agency: Grey Paris Executive Creative Director: Andrea Stillacci Creative Director: Giovanni Settesoldi-Luissandro Del Gobbo Art Director: Giovanni Settesoldi Copywriter: Luissandro Del Gobbo Retoucher: Rob Frew Photographer: David Prior Country: France The commercial titled Baywatch was done by GREY PARIS advertising agency for Asonor (Asonor company) in France. It was released in the August 2010. Business sector is Toiletries & pharmaceuticals.


Commercial Arts... Jeff Nishinaka

Artist : Jeff Nishinaka Web :


Creative Meltin'Pot jeans ad

Advertising Agency: Armando Testa, Turin, Italy Executive Creative Director: Michele Mariani Creative Director: Luca Cortesini Art Director: Luca Cortesini, Laura Sironi Copywriter: Maria Meioli Photographer: Dimitri Daniloff Published: September 2009


Cool Car Ads - Photographer Tim Kent

Cool Car Ads – Photographer Tim Kent


Creative ADS -photographer Simon Harsent - Part 2

Creative ADS -photographer Simon Harsent


Playstation 3: Playground [Ad]


Beautiful ads - Photographer Tom Kan Part 1