Bella Tokaeva "Werewolf"

Bella Tokaeva “Werewolf”


Text Portraits

Text Portraits by Ralph Ueltzhoeffer In his first solo museum exhibition in the United States, Mannheim-based artist Ralph Ueltzhoeffer (born Germany, 1966) constructs a internet based project on the mechanism of the web 2.0. (2005—2011) Project Textportrait (Identity), — “The phishing Project” and a museological-style installation of biographical elements, and pictures. (Description): In the “Textportraits” images and words are equally used to generate a portrait, understood as the visual representation […]


Portraits... Photographer Efim Shevchenko


Celebrity Portraits... Photographer Matthew Welch

Photographer: Matthew Welch


Portraits.... Photographer Kruglov Evgeniy

Photographer: Kruglov Evgeniy


Back to the future...

Photographer: Irina Werning


Portraits... Photographer Elisabeth Molin

Photographer: Elisabeth Molin


People and Portrait by Ario Wibisono

The 2010 International Aperture Awards Major Amateur Prize Winner. Category: People and Portrait Photographer Ario Wibisono


People Portraits... Photographer Andre du Plessis

Photographer: Andre du Plessis


Abandoned Wind... Photographer Dmitry Frolov

Photographer: Dmitry Frolov