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When Life Starts Reverse

The worst part of the life is the way it ends. It would have been wonderful if we
could have a chance to start life reverse.


You wake up in a church, inside a coffin, everyone you know around you, and praying
for you and they are all confessing your sins to clear.

You straighten up from the coffin, old, mature and bland. Everyone is there, you get a
great respect, compliments, your children and grandchildren, everything is ready.

You get in your car and drive through your home. Soon as you are born you got salary
from government and you take it monthly or each three months. How nice, ready salary,
ready house..

Everything is guaranteed till the 60s,  you live in peace.  Your health gets better, and
your muscles are improving,  you are getting stronger.
One day you want to work,  and the first day you start the work you get a plaque and a
golden watch from your boss as a welcoming gift.

And you start work as a general manager or in a high position as an experienced person.
Everyone is respecting you.  And your body gets in form by and by.

Other hormonal activities are increasing, excellent..  The most beautiful days are
starting.. Just then, your boss comes and tells you that it would be better to go to
university now. Meantime, your father came to life and tells “you worked too much”
come back to home,  leave the work,   start studying,  he is willing to support you

Can you imagine the joy? The lectures you are taking are getting easier.  The most
favorited times are starting,  parties, clubs and girls.

Just then, your mother or father starts to take you to and from the school,  now you
don’t even have to bother  driving.  And one day,  they take you from the school and
tells you to sit at home and play with your toys, enjoy your time.

Now you are started to feed by baby food and you are using diapers now,  even better
you are cleaned as well, moreover,  you get used to this situation and you don’t even need
to go to toilet ever.

Just then, your mother decides to feed you with milk,  and another joyful time is
starting. Baby food is now everywhere,  any time and fresh,  ready all the time.

One day,  you go in a dark and warm place. Now you don’t even have to open your mouth to
be able to feed. Now you live in a warm and quite environment.

Now you are getting smaller,  smaller and smaller and become a cell.  One day your life has ends
after the end of a pleasant lovemaking.

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