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Smoking What a Wonderful Thing!

Smoking is something I love. Although I can write many reasons to quit smoking. The fear we have, fear of serious illness, as smokers we know that smoking causes cancer and we know smoking kills. Basically we are playing with our lives.

I feel like I can help people who wants to quit smoking. As all of us have, I also have the idea of quiting when the time comes. What if that time doesn’t come on time. Wİth all these thoughts in mind, I keep smoking and I will.

Some people think smoking is harmful and others deny it. Nevertheless, all of them worry about smoking too many cigarettes. The mind has a powerful influence on the body, and may reduce symptoms of physical illness.

Guilt feelings may cause harmful physical effects not at all caused by the cigarettes used. Such guilt feelings alone may be the real cause of the injurious consequences.
Older generation remember smoking as a forbidden and sinful thing and that derives sin inside smokers. Nowadays approach to smoking is more modern. Fathers remember their old days, how they had to smoke by hiding it under a big stress, they don’t want their children to be in same situation.

Why do we smoke?

Because smoking is fun. Compeletely a psychological pleasure. What’s wrong having a psychological pleasure after all?
Smoking is a reward. The first and last cigarette in the day are especially significant rewards. If there is no cigarette at the end of a sex, then what the sex is for?
If I will not smoke, having a good breakfast does loose all its meanings for me.

Smoking is oral pleasure. Oral pleasure is just as fundamental as sexuality and hunger. Oral pleasure starts from our earlisest childhood.There is a connection between thumbsucking and smoking. The satisfied expression on a smoker’s face when inhales the smoke is much of a proof.

I am not alone. When I light a cigarette and see the glow in the dark, I am not alone anymore. In one sense, a cigarette seems to be something alive. When it is lighted it appears to be awakened, brought to life. In many ways, smoking has the same effect drinking has. It helps to break down social barriers. Its an interest thats shared by two smokers out on a date. There are many anecdots to illustrate how cigarettes bring people together.

A cigarette is a time indicator. Especially when waiting someone we always say ourselves “I will smoke one more cigarette, then I am off” Isn’t it more entertaining then watching the clock. When we have to wait for something and unable to act, the situation may become very unpleasant and may even in extreme cases causes attacks of nervous anxiety, cigarettes may then have a psychotherapeutic effect.

Like watching the smoke. Smoke is maufactured by the smoker and provides satisfaction because it is a playful, creative activity. It is a fascinating thing to watch the smoke take shape. The smoke like clouds, can form different shapes.

Smoking helps thinking. I feel my mind concentrate best when I smoke. I smoke when I am writing and I smoke while I am working on a project. However I also have to accept that smoking too much may reduce the efficiency.

Smoking helps relaxing. Most of us do not know how to relax and do not take time to learn. Semoking helps us to relax because, like music, it is rhythmic. Smoking gives us a excuse to stop work for a few minutes, to stay a little bit longer after meals to sit at home with out doing anything that requires effort.

Blows troubles away. In times of high tension, cigarettes provide relief. Somehow it releives the pressure on chest. Worry, anxiety, depress us also physiologically. When a person feel depressed, teh rhythm of breathing becomes upset. A short and weak causes a heavy feeling in the chest. Smoking makes us breath more steadily and thus calm us down.

What is the most pleasant feeling? A new pack of cigarettes.

If you do not smoke, do not think that you are missing a great deal. I am sure you also have pyschological trickeries to explain why you are not smoking.


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  1. Ive already tried to stop smoking several times. But, every time I have this urge to smoke, I simply cant resist and go back to smoking again.

  2. I don’t know who this person is, but everything they said is just what I used to say when I was a smoker. I find this amazing.

  3. Me too, Spider. I no longer smoke (unless I am on fire) but when I did, these were all valid reasons. Take a look at some pictures of people with cancer, however. Those reasons are just as valid. And the hacking phlegmy cough. The smell on your breath and clothing and in your hair. The way your house/car/apartment stinks. Yeah, valid reasons, for sure. And not one of them makes me want to start again. But for those of you that do, and continue to smoke…do me a favor? Keep your paper tube full of crushed up leaves soaked in poison-y fumes to yourself, willya? I made a conscious choice to quit so I darned sure don’t want to inhale YOUR bad habit. Mmkaythnx.

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