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Monalica is an Online Social Encyclopedia where users can create topics, add definitions about nearly everything. It’s easy, it’s fun!

Everyday, thousands of websites, apps are being released. Personally i’m good startup addict. I like to create web projects. Also i love new startup ideas. Today, i’m going to review you the social encyclopedia website called Monalica. Monalica is brand new encyclopedia startup which is a social network at the same time. Monalica is a social encyclopedia site that every registered user can create new topics about people, places, animals, plants, apps, general terms, things, movies, tv series, tv shows and nearly about everything. Also registered users can make definitions under these topics easily.

monalica social encyclopedia

There are some rules to make monalica a good information source. There are rules for topics and definitions at the same time. Topics needs to be in encyclopedic format. ( in the answer form to what is it? who is it question) Also every single definition needs to be meaningful itself. You can not reply previous definitions from your definitions area. For such kind of issues; there is a private messaging feature which enables you send direct messages to other users. Also, there’s a board section that works like a normal forum. You can create new threads about the site, about the features, about wishes, bugs. Also you can post out of topic in related board category.

There also tags to categorize the content. Tags help users to reach the content easily, quickly.

Monalica works like a normal encyclopedia. But definitions belongs to real people with real user profiles. Definitions under topics may include personal views of the user. Definitions with shared experiences, makes the definitions more powerful.

Voting system is another good feature as an encyclopedia. Registered and logged users can vote each others definitions. Top definitions of the days hit the frontpage and reach wide audiences. There are chart pages that lists, top voted definitions of the day, top voted definitions of the week and top voted definitions of all times. Also you learn tom contributing users, most popular topics, top reviewed users and many more.

Unlike other encyclopedia projects, Monalica is an entertaining information source and social community that produces valuable and real data from real people from all around the World.



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What is Social Encyclopedia?

A social encyclopedia is where users can create their own topics, make definitions in a free, social way.

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What makes Monalica unique?

  • Monalica is a social encyclopedia project that works like a real social network.
  • Subjective definitions let users to include personel experiences in their definitions.
  • Community can bring the best content with their votes to the front page and chart pages.
  • Global or indigenous, Monalica aims to constitute a systematic source of information about limitless notions and things.
  • Monalica has a lot of features to foreground better perminent encyclopedic definitions and authors.

Personally i liked the idea, concept and the cute design. I wish best of luck for them.



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  1. I liked the idea and the the name “Monalica. It would be good to add comments under the definitions. Stackoverflow is good reference for this.

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