Domesticated… Artworks by Martin Kalanda

Domesticated… Artworks by Martin Kalanda
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I’m a whore? I’m a whore!? Why don’t you say that louder so the kids can hear!

Take that smug smile off your face or I’m going to throw the first thing I can find at the back of your head.

I can’t believe you don’t even know how to fucking play this game!

Fuckin’ Alaskans. You really want me to throw this coffee in your face?

You look at my wife’s tits one more time I will beat your drunken ass.

Fuck this game!

I really don’t want our kids playing with Nazi action figures!

This thing is such a piece of shit!

You ask me for my number, one more time, I’m going throw this fucking glass of whiskey at your face

Artist : Martin Kalanda
web : martinkalanda.com

One Response to Domesticated… Artworks by Martin Kalanda

  1. José Céspedes August 16, 2010 at 12:37 pm

    ¡Great!, ¡wonderfull!, power sensations (excuse my english, i am from Spain) I love Photos art, many imspirations come to me with your creation. thank you for share this beautiful

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