25 Examples of disastrous clothes designs that will make you cry

That’s right, not only people ride horses

Kids love pandas

Excellent running t-shirts

You can buy this scarf for $ 990

Interesting, is it convenient?

What every bride dreams of: a brown ribbon flowing out of her ass

Want sneakers that look like you’re stepping in a dog shit?

Caution, these pants cause eye pain

Someone decided that such a picture would look good on a mini-skirt

Now in cowboy boots you can walk on the beach

Instead of heels, shoes are on shoes

Akuna matata


Surely this skirt was designed by men

For those who like stained shirts


When you need to go to two places at the same time

This children’s swimsuit looks like a bomber’s vest

Probably, the designers wanted to make a heart, but it turned out

Jeans with mesh for extra breathability

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