Interesting facts about cheese

Almost all people in the world once tried cheese. It has many different varieties and is prepared according to different technologies. But no one thinks about its history, or features. Today you will learn the most interesting facts about cheese .

This is one of the oldest products

Now many scientists come to the conclusion that the first cheese began to appear 8 thousand years before our era. Then people just started to tame animals, in particular sheep. And already 3 thousand years BC, in the Near East cheese was produced constantly.

The first cheese came about by chance, when the nomads kept milk in the stomachs and skins of animals. This was done in order to make it easier to transport. Rennet bacteria developed in these peculiar reservoirs. From this milk was divided into whey and cottage cheese. So the first cheese began to appear.

Many may find that these arguments are far-fetched, but archaeologists can justify such assumptions. The fact is that they found mention of this technology of making cheese in the tombs of the pharaohs on frescoes.

Cheese increases sexual attraction

Cheese, or rather, its fragrance, is a powerful aphrodisiac, which increases sexual attraction. It is because of this, at weddings of southern peoples cheese is mandatory for consumption. And the French, who love cheese very much, are real experts in matters of the heart. Cheese increases the attraction of both men and women.

Vegans do not eat cheese?

In terms of food, vegans are very careful not to eat absolutely any meat. This pushes them to reject the cheeses. This is related to the technology of making this delicacy. The fact is that when making cheese, Rhinin is used, which is a part of the stomachs of calves and lambs. Because of this, through-the-ground vegans do not eat it.

Cheese sculptures

In the world there is a huge number of monuments to everything that is possible. Now even there are several monuments of cheese.

One of them is installed in Moscow. It is set in honor of the popular in Russia processed cheese “Friendship.” This structure is made in the form of a fox and a crow, who, embracing, hold the cheese.

In Samara, too, there is such a monument. It is built in honor of perforated cheese. But soon it can be demolished to build a stadium in that place.

In Latvia, too, there is a monument to cheese. But it is not the monument itself that is noteworthy, but the fact that it was placed on the site of the memorial to Lenin. The opening of the building in the form of cheese was the President of Latvia herself.

And in Canada (the city of Petra), the monument was awarded a giant head of cheese, which was made from 100 thousand liters of milk. She weighed 10 tons and won the Grand Prix at the World Fair in Chicago.

The cheese’s eyes are great …

Many kinds of cheeses have holes. Everybody knows about this, but few people think about why this happens. It’s all about bacteria that secrete gas in the process of their vital activity. As a result, holes appear.

Cheese competition

Now there are even competitions in which people chase the heads of cheese. Participants throw them from the hill, and then run after them to catch up. The one who quickly overtakes the cheese head, will receive it as a prize.

Forbidden Cheese

In the world there is a cheese that is banned in the territory of the European Union. This is not an ordinary cheese, it contains living larvae. They appear in it as a result of the decay process. But there are people who buy this kind of goodies on the black market, and use it. It is noteworthy that larvae can jump, even at a distance of up to 15 centimeters. Because of this, many lovers of rotten cheese eat it with glasses. Some do it without even taking out the larvae.

Cheese in pledge

In Italy there are as many as 4 banks that are ready to accept cheese as collateral. You can bring expensive hard cheese as collateral for a loan. There is the only Italian bank in the world that has accepted 400 thousand circles of parmesan as a pledge.

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