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The 50 Hottest Girls of Comic Con

50. Tank Girls?

Street rat crazy.


49. The Assassin


Bang! Bang!

48. Cavewomen


Is a leopard just a young cougar?

47. Pink Anime Girl


The only thing that sucks about being a hot girl into anime at the Comic Con, is the guy that stands behind you.

46. Suprema


Can you guess where the source of her powers comes from?

45. Psylocke


The red belt does a good job of diverting attention from…oh…nevermind.

44. Black Cat


“No, I don’t bite, but I do scratch…Me-OWWW!”

43. Inkpen Mutations


Girl 1: “My agent said I’d get to meet Keanu Reeves at Comic Con this year.”

Girl 2: “That guy is a liar.”

42. Medusa


The material used for this costume proves very useful (slippery) when pervy comic enthusiasts try to hug her.

41. N’Stitches


40. Black Cat


What is this girl doing at Comic Con, she needs to be on working for Hooters. After shaving her forearms that is.

39. Pixie Fairy


Look up “boner inducing” on Wikipedia.

38. Naughty Kitty & Darth Vaderette


Partied too hard the night before Comic Con and now you got puffy eyes? Trying wearing a Darth Vader helmet, the ultimate fashion accessory!

37. Burlesque Dancer


“A Flapper? At Comic Con!? OK, but only because you have huge jibs.”

36. Cat Woman


Have we ever mentioned that the movie Catwoman should be watched on mute?

35. Ghost Busters


Who you gonna call?

34. Female Night Elf


W.O.W. is one word to describe this outfit in two totally different ways.

33. Comic Book Creator Models


“Get girls like us if you sign up on our spam list!”

32. Emma Frost


If that corset could talk…

31. Evil Cheerleader


“You don’t have to ask about my nachos to take a picture. I’m an evil cheerleader, not a high school one.”

30. Very Patriotic


“Just hurry up and take your picture buddy! I’m almost to the front of the line to meet Kevin Smith…Snoogans!”

29. Erotic Hypnotic


The amazing thing about this girl is her ability to hold this pose for hours on end. Most fanboys think she’s a statue, that is, until they get close enough to take a picture and she scares the shit out of them.

28. The Adult Princesses


Comic Con: Where 4s and 5s become 7s and 8s.

27. Zombie Girls


I wish i was invited to the Lan Party Massacre.

26. Bloodrayne


I know what she’s trying to grab.

25. Enslaved Princess Leia


At any given Comic Con you will run into 500 enslaved Princess Leias. This is the first of two on this list.

24. Anime Hippy


Thank god for Japanese Anime and how it has empowered American women. She still needs a haircut.

23. Super Girl v. Hot Green Haired Girl


I don’t know how Super Girl gets away with flying in that short of a skirt. But then again, I’m not a tailor. Green hair wins.

22. Persuasion


It seems to me that her belt might be messing with something really good happening.

21. Anime Girl


Really liking the whole white-girl-gone-anime look that’s so popular these days.

20. Hot Girl Costume


Thank Jor-El for Comic Con.

19. Poison Ivy


What do you get when you cross the Chiquita banana lady with Poison Ivy…something with meth eyes, and a seemingly healthy libido.

18. The Spirit’s City


She’s holding a blue sponge to wipe up the nerd drool off the floor.

17. Feline Vixen


Ladies: If you don’t have a legit costume, but are dying to attend Comic Con, just wear lingerie.

16. Female Humanoid


I can’t wait until there are robots that really look like this in the future. Especially when scientists sort out their ability to give great shoulder rubs, without short-circuiting and trying to destroy our society.

15. Female Assassin X


Something tells me this girl continues to stay in character even after Comic Con is over. And I’m OK with that.

14. Riona


Praise the gods of Japanese gaming for continuing to create Final Fantasy installments.

13. Elecktra


It’s a good thing this girl left the Jennifer Garner forehead accessory in the hotel room. Jennifer Garner’s forehead is massive.

12. Wonder Woman


God Bless America, and Wonder Woman. And bondage rope.

11. Headsick Chicks


Unnecessary body paint on a hot girl is like a aftermarket spoiler on a Bentley, but at the end of the day it’s still a Bentley.

10. Enslaved Princess Leia


::Cue slow applause::

9. Punk Girl


The hair is broken, but the rest works just fine.

8. Emma Frost


Just think, there are attractive women out there that are not only OK with your Warcraft addiction, but they may even be able to teach you a thing or two.

7. Silk Spectre



6. Spider Girl


Inappropriate jokes about web-slinging and superpowered shockers come to mind.

5. Faye Valentine


A dirty rumor floating around the Internet right now is that this might be the Laker Girls’ uniform in 2010.

4. Agent Hot


Even though she might want to consider wearing a face patch, if I had to be assassinated by anyone, I would still pick her.

3. Dragon Con Hottie


It was only after painting her entire body did she realize that she still had her panties on. How embarrassing!

1. Catgirl



It’s The Fifth Element meets “I can get over the fact that you have a tail.”


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  1. Dude. Seriously. learn your comic and video game characters.
    Its not Suprema, its powergirl.
    Its not Anime Hippy Girl, its Rikku from Final Fantasy X.
    you know, its a lot hotter when you can have conversations with the girls about their costume. Nerd Up!

  2. Whoa…the comic book and video game character names are way off! Number 36 is not Cat Woman, it’s Sydney Savage from the Danger Girl comics. Also, the ones that “Shy” mentioned need to be corrected as well.

    That Supergirl (which is one word, unlike in the photo caption you spell it out as two words) in #23 is me. 🙂 Thanks for the shout-out. This year at Comic Con I will be doing Cammy from Street Fighter. 🙂

  3. This was forwarded and posted on my Facebook. just thought I should jump in ad let you know I wasn’t BloodRayne, I was Bullet Witch (although, I probably should have just let you leave it BloodRayne).


    – Chobot

  4. #32 and #8 are the same girl u newbie! I’m not that picky about games but when I saw the same girl twice with the same character name I pretty much knew this was jokes.

  5. Jess you the most class, beautiful, cheerful and such hot, and other girls as crocodiles)) do not abuse for my English, translated through Promt Translator

  6. You know how I know you’re nerds – you’re ALL commenting on the inaccuracies of the costumes/names, not the hotness of the ladies wearing them – granted, some less so than others. Chobot – you’re not my number one, you’re my only one.

  7. Nerd_Boner You saw what there girls)) to it to Jess as to the moon. Suits in general debauchery the uttermost)) At Jess the best suit.

  8. in reply to yourmom those girls are not the same person #8 has stockings and #32 clearly doesn’t have any stocking since you can see all of her cellulite… not to mention their faces are wayyy off.

  9. “White” girl gone anime look??? Talk about racist!!!!

    Who says you have to be white to have that look too? I’m a Filpina girl,I’m brown but I like looking anime too :p

    ps-Comicbook conventions suck ass.

  10. This fucking list is laughable and a big joke. First of all the ONLY girl which can be at least near top 10 and deserve the #1 place is that girl named Jessica which dressed up as Rikku. No not any other ugly girls, and definitely not that ugly fuck you posted on this list. The girl named Jessica which dressed as Rikku. She’s the #1 hottest/sexiest chick EVER on comic con.
    She can be seen on 2:12 (beside the ugly Kumar-wannabe guy with too much attitude)

    Also I’d like to say, who the fuck even fap or look at “jessica chobot” anymore? Fucking 40 year old bitch with ugly body/face.

  11. Hey glad I made your list. Hope you had fun. Erik, you’re kind of a prick. But you’re friend that played rikku is cute. So we’ll forgive you.

  12. number 20 is not ‘hot girl’. Its Red Sonja. She was a classic comic character from ’95…..sheesh.

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