What are sleep capsules

Sleep is an indispensable process of human life, necessary for the restoration of energy after a hard day’s work. That is why it is necessary to monitor its quality. Unfortunately, these days it is not always possible to set up the correct and useful sleep mode, as some people have to work twelve, or even more, hours a day. At the end of the 20th century, the Japanese created a dream capsule for working people, which allowed workers to rest for a few minutes at a certain time and feel a surge of new strength.

What is this device and how does it work?

In foreign countries, sleeping capsule has long been popular. They are installed in airports and train stations. This allows people on heavy and long trips to rest comfortably without having to waste time searching for an open hotel. After all, there are such situations that the train arrives at a later time, but there is nowhere to spend the night.

Capsule functions.

At the Russian airports such capsules began to be installed quite recently. For example, in Sheremetyevo, fully enclosed appliances are popular. If a person suffers from claustrophobia, then partially open capsules are invented for him, in which the partitions are made of transparent plastic. There are devices with advanced settings. For example, there are alarm functions – the capsule automatically wakes up a person at a certain time. There are also additional settings in the form of background music, the volume of which can be adjusted manually. You can not worry about the fact that the sounds will interfere with others, as almost all capsules are soundproofed. In order to eliminate nervous tension and improve the general psychological state, you can customize playing music with the effect of “white noise”.

Sleep and health in one.

More recently, a capsule was invented, in which not only can you sleep, but also improve your health. It is equipped with a function of oxygenation of air inside the device. Being in such a unit, a person increases the level of health, the appearance becomes more rested and young. There are capsules that can replace the trip to the cosmetology room. They are equipped with hydro massage, a sauna with infrared radiation and many other procedures provided by cosmetologists. Looking for capsules at airports that are gaining popularity, representatives of Russian railways said that soon some-seat carriages would be created in some trains. They promise to be equipped with units for sleep. In cosmetology offices such units are a great way to earn extra income, which does not require special knowledge.

Japan – the most popular country for the use of sleep capsules, at the moment there are almost a hundred. On their basis, whole hotels and hostels are created. The peculiarity is that women are not allowed in such establishments, as the owners consider them more noisy than men, and this can interfere with the latter’s proper rest.

In the end, I would like to note that the creation and production of sleep capsules is gaining new momentum. This is because taking up little space in the room, the device can accommodate a large number of guests. A small price – about ten dollars per hour – means that you can afford a high-quality and fast rest, any tourist or local resident can. For large offices, a sleeping capsule will allow workers to rest at any time convenient to them, which will significantly increase the working capacity of the department.

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