How Historically Developed Means of Communication

Every person in our time uses communication services. This transmission and receipt of information, sending mail and even talking on the phone. It is very interesting to see how the ways of transmitting this information have changed over the course of the story. And for all the time of communication development a lot of interesting and entertaining facts have accumulated.

The history of the development of media

How it all began

The earliest communication signals were transmitted using sounds. Hollow tree trunks were used as drums. So, with the help of certain signals, one tribe could transmit the message to another. Smoke and fire were also used. It is known that some tribes still use similar means of information transmission, which may seem surprising in our modern world.

A lot of interesting facts related to pigeon mail. For the first time pigeon mail began to be used in ancient times, Egypt and Mesopotamia. Long before the invention of gunpowder, ships at sea sent out crash signals with the help of pigeons. Pigeon mail is not forgotten today, in memory of the old times, in the USA and Europe there are regular competitions in which thousands of pigeons participate. It is also known that pigeons were actively used in the war, including during World War II, as there were no other ways to transmit secret information.

Telegram from the king

The first telegram was sent on October 21, 1832 using an electromagnetic telegraph created by the Russian scientist Pavel Shilling. But unfortunately, the leadership in the creation of the telegraph is still attributed to Morse, even though he patented his invention much later, in 1840. The first telegram in the world was sent by none other than Nicholas I himself, who visited Schilling on this significant day. And the text of the telegram read – “I was very glad to visit Mr. Schilling.”

For the transfer of letters and parcels for a long time used messengers. But the messenger did not always get to the recipient alive. The postal service helped to solve this problem. It is closely connected with the advent of writing, since before that the messengers mostly conveyed oral information.

Almost modern post

The first ordered postal network originated in the Ancient East. She was needed in order to inform the rulers of the affairs in the slave-holding colonies. Initially, such a relationship was not intended as communication between ordinary people, it was used by warriors and emperors. In the New Age, with the development of relations between countries, there was a need for a more global postal network. The mail was transported on carriages, and each appearance of such a carriage in the locality was a whole event.

With the development of technology, methods of mail transmission were also improved. So, mail began to be delivered on trains and steamboats, which expanded diplomatic relations between distant countries. In 1820, an envelope was invented, and in 1840 a postage stamp, and the post began to look more like that mail, which is known to us now. In the UK, there are registered letters. Mail becomes more massive and enters the lives of ordinary citizens.

Breakthrough in the field of information transfer

A turn in the development of communication, was the invention of the phone. It is interesting that the scientist Phillip Reis, who created one of the first prototypes of the phone, was arrested for charlatanry, because people were sure that it was impossible to transmit votes by wire. The next is trying to do the impossible Bell. After reviewing the works of Reis, he, being an employee of the hospital for the deaf and dumb, decides to apply this invention in order to help the deaf and dumb. As a result, he accidentally creates a telephone and patents it on February 14, 1876. Now the transfer of information goes to a completely different level.

The fact that modern man now uses to transmit and receive information has formed centuries in history. And many do not even think about how interesting it is. After all, the people of antiquity could not even imagine how much the development of communication would advance. And all largely thanks to the great minds and discoveries.

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