Fitness hundred years ago [8 PICS]










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  1. The fourth one down is the Total Gym!

    It is a “lift your own body weight” bench design.
    It looks like you could sit or lie on that bench and do all sorts of exercises while lifting your own body weight at various ratios for different weight levels.

    There IS nothing new in the world.

  2. They had scam artists back then too selling useless exercise machines. L1 does look like a precursor to a fitness gym though, interesting.

    Funny how something as simple as a barbell or a dumbbell hasn’t changed much.

  3. How neat are these contraptions? Some of them actually look kind of scary…LOL…

    Thanks for sharing these…Very cool!

    Kimberly Edwards 🙂

  4. What a neat collection of old-time exercise equipment. Thank goodness for modern technology. But they didn’t have to deal with obesity problems that so many adults and children have today.

  5. the only difference between these and modern fitness machines, except for all the gears and wheels and whatnot, is the elaborate outfits. i wonder how often people died of heatstroke.combined with the uncoolness of bathing regularly, this must have been a disgusting time to be alive.

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