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Google Office Pictures (47 pics)

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BONUS: Google Data Center Photos

google-data-center-7 google-data-center-6 google-data-center-5 google-data-center-4 google-data-center-3 google-datacenter-2 google-data-center-1


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  1. Hey Grommit, or should I say Numbskull,
    you are the idiot , this is the Zurich office (Switzerland)

  2. WOAH..Is that all one place?? Must be Friikin massive, Some nice themes goin on there,igloos sure beat cubicles!

  3. The ones that are “playing” guitar hero seem to be having fun rocking out to the xbox menu. They aren’t even playing the game!

  4. yes sure beautiful.

    so you have to work the whole day, the whole week and the whole life without vacation just why the office is what you can desire for.

    yes! beautiful place ……:(

  5. It’s all a charade! look at those morons playing guitar hero. then look at the menu on the screen. i bet it’s some sort of brain washing cult!

  6. I have a neighbor that is a chef for google in atlanta georgia. Nice fellow, but, everything on these pictures looks a bit contrived. I was born and lived on the west coast for 30 years and in hindsite, all the electronics seems to isolate one rather than really connect us to others. I worked in silicon valley for a few years and was turned off by the materialism that consumed the “best and the brightest” of our culture.

    Read the japanese classic novel “Mushashi”. (if you still remember how to read instead of TV or computer games) It may help you understand a bit of what is happening to us north americans.

  7. @ nic…

    That’s right they LOOK like they are rocking out to the menu. But do you think that it’s remotely possible that someone came in to take a picture and said, “Hey guys! Ham it up for the photo!” So they strike a pose, regardless of what’s on the screen.

    But if it is a cult, maybe you should join them. Maybe they have a fun, Google-ized suicide pact.

  8. Some of you people are so jealous! Seriously Contrived? Photoshopped? Conspiracy theory’s? You people need to get a life. Also… Google does this to there offices just like other company’s such as E entertainment and G4 B/c it inspires Creativity, NOT only just team work.

    plus is it not possible to be in a room full of friends and laugh while someone snaps a photo at the job you love???? Does it really have to be on the game, i’d be laughing my ass off regardless if i was just on the menue.

  9. Ok, whether or not things are “posed” there are a lot of companies that design their offices like this, especially computer and gaming companies. EA has a full Starbucks just for their employees as well as so many other things and my the small game company my boyfriend works for isn’t quite this elaborate, but it’s not far from it. Their breakroom is tiled in Space Invaders with old school arcade games, and a pool table. It makes people want to go to work instead of begruding it.

  10. It’s a shame our society has become so cynical. We have to bash people having fun?


  11. Though I have not visited this office, it IS that nice in some of the offices and the people are great. It is possible to have fun, work AND enjoy your surroundings.

  12. WOW. Google seriously knows how to appeal to Gen Y (and others). They know how to meet the needs (and unknown needs) of people AND to make dreams come true. I wonder if it’s really as great as it seems in terms of leadership/management/teamwork, etc.

  13. Is there a reason that I see random pornographic images in the middle of these pictures? Is it just my computer being sick?

  14. @Nivek ka,

    Actually, that IS in the Unite States. It’s in Seattle W.A. Assuming you’re correct about U.S. laws, have faith that w/enough money, big corporations can do what ever they want in the states. Aside from that, what “litigation” could you possibly be suggesting? Who would sue them? I certainly doubt it’d be there workers. To be honest, what you’ve said is just about the stupidest thing I’ve heard. If you’ve never been to the states, don’t talk about what you don’t know. If you have (and unfortunately, it’s possible you’re actually from the states)then I assume you’re just one of the many followers of the “let’s bash the states” group. I don’t know why this is such a popular stance to follow, but it’s undeniably idiotic, w/out reason. Next time think, before you type. 🙂 Thank you, come again! 😀

  15. Oh, and by the way…yes, Google is brilliant. They’re not buying into “consumerism”, they’re simply attempting to give there employees all they may ever want, make them feel like the most important people on the planet. They also want to stimulate the mind, as Crix pointed out. Google realizes that the employees of there company are worth every penny, if they’re able to create what they have. Let’s be honest folks, Google is changing the world, the pictures you see here are simply an ingenious addition to there attempts. Have faith that the moves they make will be repeated in the future, by other companies, in attempts to re-create the same amazing results.

  16. google looks like it rocks, especially that picture of their employees enjoying a rousing game of the xbox 360 dashboard using their guitar hero controllers.

  17. They do have great offices but I read in an article that they have one of the highest rates of people quitting their jobs because they don’t like to work there.

    It was something about no structure or to little working environment, but it is sweet though,

  18. Google hires the best and justly rewards them. While I envy their intelligence a bit and perhaps their opportunities for education, I don’t begrudge them their success.

  19. wow, its really great.
    if i found any working environment like this i havent need to go home.
    all time i stay my office

  20. How could you photoshop all this? And why would you even do that in the first place, anyway? Unless you really had no life… XD

    I want to work there.

  21. lovely office, nice enviroment, beautiful people, and very very creative thought behind this project, i wish and i will pray for google, best wishies for google

  22. The only billionaire company that treats its employees with respect and love. All other companies shit on their employees and the employees have there mouths open. Why? Because they refuse to believe that its not shit. THAT… my friend…is the power of belief.

  23. The aquarium “think tank” blew my mind. The gondolas are cool too. I would want to work for them, but not because of the offices. I think the greatest aspect of that place is the people you would get to work with.

  24. working for google isn’t easy. there didn’t get where they are by making it easy. the work is hard trust me. just because you work in an awesome looking enviroment doesn’t mean the job still wouldn’t suck or the boss would would stop being a dick.

  25. While it does look like a cool place to work, how much money do they waste on the cool? Just a bit overboard I think.

  26. did you know that they actually work there?
    in my opinion, the article only shows the sunny sides. there are also usual offices like everywhere else

  27. Who cares whether they are really playing the game or not? They are laughing their asses off because all of us want to work there and they actually do… Probably laughing their way all the way to the bank as well.

  28. My ambition is to work with Google neverthless whatever is the infrastructer I have great design and plans for Google website and to redesign it, from year 2005 my ambition is to work them, I am not much qualified as per there requirements but I don’t blv in that.

    I have therough knwlge in LINUX, c++,Java, web based protocol, HTML hyperthreading, deep access and knwlge in Internet world, understand cleint requirments,
    have somebody forward this to google guys.
    Nice office.

  29. Guess that Ernst & Young building is up for rental by now…
    With all the “toy” furniture and funky stuff it’s a shame Gogle never kept Lively going. Wah Waa!

  30. My family moved to the south bay in 1967 before the high tech craze. I worked at sometime or another at most of big name high tech firm in the valley even passed up an opportunity at being employ #5 at Wyse Technology before they went public. I moved away 15 years ago largely due to the pressure and cut-throat nature of the industry. Although I know Google is a one of a kind organization I never thought I’d live to see a “workplace” like that. Wow!

  31. Google is an evil company just as twisted as Apple and Microsoft good thing that there attempts to spread out into the OS market has met with decline. I hope this company does not gain any more obscene power that it already has.

  32. nice pics!
    just wanted to mention in your heading at the top of the page, it says “nothing about everyting”. did you mean to do that or did you mean “everything”?

  33. what does one do working in the google office?? I thought it was a search engine. But then again that may be way more complicated than i know about. but really nice offices in any case. Maybe they get paid to play. 🙂

  34. I saw on a news item the other day that Google receives an average of 4,000 applications per DAY throughout the year, all to win a total of just 3,000 jobs per year! So… If you want to work there… You better be good at standing out 🙂

  35. WOW cant you just sit back and enjoy the creativity and artistry it took to design, create and build those offices?

  36. Regardless of the supposedly “posed” guitar hero shots and any other conspiracy theory bullshit you cynical turds throw around… how many offices have you worked in that even have a color scheme like that? My office has a muted/faded/dusty turquoise color on the cubicles and cool white shades on the wall. It makes for a sea of cubicle-suicide contemplation. It would do a lot just to have lively public areas like the lunchroom and lobbies.

    Kudos to employers who make work more livable.

  37. The office looks great, but I rather have a life, a family, time for myself, than work 24h in an awseome office.

    Probably this is the reason why google made the office look like that, so the ppl who work there feel like there are on vacation. But let’s be honest, I seriously doubt that they have time to play and relax! I think they are working non stop and over the clock!

    I know for a fact, from someone who works at google, that he has everything he wants and indeed the office looks like that, but he has no life anymore…..which is very sad…. money cannot buy you a life, time or family!

  38. Cool colorful office space! They actually have different Google logos on different sections or parts of the office. They seem to even have their own daycare section.

  39. I agree with larry,

    It is a shame our society has become so cynical that we have to bash people for having fun.

  40. Ummmm… after years of busting my ass doing hard labor non-stop, I think cracking a smile for a photo or two falls kinda low on the list. Beats coming home sore and dirty every day of your life for a touch more than minimum wage, don’t you think? I’d sell a second or two of my ideals over a lifetime of my body any day.

  41. there is no way that, that is fake
    and about all the coments about the xbox menu they could have said photo look like your rocking out
    and i would soooo love to work there even if the work was very hard

  42. i love how every one like bashes this for them posting this then every one bashes the people who where basheing the site for bashing it its funny. and the one where there is a fish net on a gondala is awesome i wish like if i was on a gondala like on a ski mountain there would be fish net on it

  43. Next in line for the U.S. bailout-Google… What a complete waste, now I know why android sux major @$$!

  44. OOOOH…..What an expensive prison.
    Job is slavery.. and if you can’t understand this, then you are one of the reasons the way things going.

  45. Totally creepy, I already feel like I’ve been turned into a robot, and I don’t even work there. If that is the meaning of life and/or ultimate job – then it is worse than being Number 6 in the ‘Prisoner’ series – at least he realised that something was wrong.

    “how long shall they kill our prophets
    while we stand aside and look
    some say it’s just a part of it
    we’ve got to fulfill the book”
    (put that in google)

    Not a great ‘stumble’ unless you want to show a real dumbing-down of any sort of free thinking, and dare I say it, a lack of, er, ‘wisdom’

  46. I know someone whos quite high up in the google offices in poland
    she brought me to her work one day, it really is fantastic they have shops where everything is free, a free restaurent and there where pets running round the office.
    the reason its like this is because google wants to encourage people to stay in the offices past work hours, and keep employees happy.
    the people who work in google are the very best and this is googles way of keeping them satisfied and away from competitors or there own companys.

  47. Wow, there are some pathetically bitter people here. It’s funny how things like being proud of one’s success and promoting original thinking are seen as acts of evil by so many. Google is a company that, through ingenuity and hard work, has generated success for itself, and is doing nothing more than cultivating the same intellectual assets that raised it to its position of prominence in the first place. First-class minds need first-class treatment to do first-class work. The bitterness towards this idea sounds like wishing for some sort of “Harrison Bergeron” -styled socialism. Sad…

  48. …no, it’s just disgusting to see so much “excess” at a time when there are so many that don’t even have the basics in life eg. food, shelter, etc. Just because you are successful doesn’t mean you should be wasteful… Just my opinion, flame on haters 😉

  49. It is still creepy, like ‘The Prisoner’ series ‘village’, very contrived and totally materialistic. I don’t think I am being bitter, it just made my skin crawl when I saw it – sorry if you don’t like an opinion. It strikes me that it is about some sort of hive-mentality – I am sure the people at the top think they are happy as they lie on their yacht, but having a stupid little pod to sit in to work and be ‘creative’ is not I want as my life goal.

  50. That’s so beautiful that I just might cry a little…

    Forget any dream I had of psychology. I’m gonna go work for Google!

  51. Yep, I’m guessing that most of the people who work at Google (and other companies that provide similar facilities) do work very hard and put in long hours. That is how you work when you’re the best at what you do, when you are genuinely passionate about what you do and don’t want to be doing anything else.

    How many people dream of being paid for doing what they love? These people are living that dream. Of course the downside is that they have no life outside of work but most of them probably don’t care because they are following their desire and doing what they love.

    Companies like Google recognise that if they want to attract and keep these people they have to offer the best environment. Nothing creepy about it, they’re free to go home whenever they want but they just don’t want to.

  52. That is the BEST office I have ever seen. I want a slide to go from one floor to the other. AND I want to sit in a bathtub and look at fish in an aquarium! Props to Google. Heck, with all the money they make – they can afford all that wonderful stuff!! 🙂

  53. I don’t have personal knowledge of Google (beyond using some of their sites daily), but find it interesting that people are willing to speculate about all sorts of things that can easily be looked up on Wikipedia — or, might I mention? — Google. offices are mainly in California, where it started. Besides the locations in Zurich and Seattle, and in New York, Pittsburg and Ann Arbor, Michigan, there are Google offices in the UAE, and probably some I’ve omitted. There is mention of some of the pictured amenities, and many more pictures in various locations. Also you can read some interesting quotes related to corporate philosophy. I’d like to add that any time I read some generalization about ‘America’ or ‘Americans’ I know I have encountered someone who just doesn’t get that the only true generalization is that no generalizations ever apply here. Most Americans have not even visited each of the 50 states, and can’t claim to know much of anything about what makes our whole huge and diverse country tick. There’s a lot I don’t know about the one large city I have lived in for most of my life. Outsiders are even more clueless. Read up or Shaddup.

  54. Most of these things do not look expensive. The bathtubs, rowboats and ski gondolas, for example, are probably recycled. Multicolored plastic chairs probably could be bought for the same price as plain beige ones. Paint is paint no matter what color. Those hammocks probably shouldn’t cost as much as a quality office chair. What people interpret as ‘excess’ is really just nonconformity. Remember if it’s not your style: nobody is forcing you to work there.

    Google is better off if this look repels people who are quick to make negative judgments. In contrast, a typical staid corporate law firm or bank may spend just as much to look as conventional as possible, and they are wise to do so because it is important for them to look ‘right’ for their customers.

    Actually, that IS in the Unite States. It’s in Seattle W.A. Assuming you’re correct about U.S. laws, have faith that w/enough money, big corporations can do what ever they want in the states

    Did you read this before you posted? Actually your whole comment kinda bugs me since you started saying this, and then you said stop bashing the US like an American patriot, but an American patriot would have a sense of freedom and a very visible line between freedom and Commercial Slavery.
    I really am just curious what you were trying to say, because it came out incredibly confusing.
    I am starting to see how the US is quite similar to the Roman empire or Persia, but for my purposes I will say that the ORIGINAL Ideals upon which this nation were founded are strong and worthy of support, but not the nation that will be Bought by its own Capitalist Greed. When schools have Coke and not water in the fountain, and our National Debt is bought by the Economic giants. I will be severely glad that I never said what you said here

  56. Hi all, its nice to see some concern about companies that spend huge amounts of money like someone it said up, but this is realy great, and they have a real simple explanation, creativity of people is better between 18 years old i suppose, and 23 or 24 i think, so, they must spend on this things to estimulate the people, and, most of people there, for sure, and i say for sure, because im just making a guess, work there just till 30’s or something like that! The workers earn a lot of money too, and for Google this will be extremely costly also.

    I hope they keep going with te nice work, giving work to people between those ages, to prepare them to other companies to modernize the market, also in the states.

    See u all, from Portugal

    (and type “google at wiki”)

  57. Its a very very good office in the world. The no. 1 company in world who has such a good office. My desire is that I want to visit this office. Excellent interior and tellented planning. God Bless the whole GOOGLE TEAM.

  58. Its a very very good office in the world. The no. 1 company in world who has such a good office. My desire is that I want to visit this office. Excellent interior and tellented planning. God Bless the whole GOOGLE TEAM.

  59. Google’s main office is in Mountain View, CA. My son’s girlfriend (probable daughter-in-law) worked for them for about a year. she LOVED it and now compares every other company to Google. The only reason she was not hired on permanently was because of her grades and her college GPA was over 3.5. You never have to worry about buying lunch. The cafeteria is beyond belief and they will shuttle you from a gathering point near where you live to the campus in Mountain View.

  60. I really want to work there when I finish my universities..
    is there anyone know how and what should I do if I want to work there??

  61. Watch for recruiters coming to your campus. Talk with them. Probable future daughter-in-law was one who traveled to the campuses to recruit students to come and work for Google. Check with your campus career center and they can tell you when the Google people will be there.

  62. I love to steal from my boss who is my aunt. She paid for my education, she raised me, she did everything for me. She took care of me when I was a kid because my mother was simply terrible at the job.

    She paid for so much, for my kids, for everything. And I stole and stole and lied and lied. I’m still lying. I’m living up on Jana Drive now, and getting a divorce. I still have thousands that I stole. I’m soooo happy. I love to lie and I love to steal. Embezzling and forgery are my hobbies.

  63. Did I mention that I’m living with friends? And wait till I can figure how to steal from them. What fun!

  64. To all the “yawn” quotes – are you kidding me? If you had not been coddled into what ever cushy job you are in now that makes you think that these images are boring, I’d challenge you to enter the same soul destroying workforce that the other 99.99% of us work through.

  65. That is fantastic, but I used a google window and found that they cut another 140 jobs, and radio advertising due to the economy. The ee-s get severance and a shot at the first job openings. I think they will miss the full course menu, the gym, the day care, and the rest of the luxeries they have gotten used too. I sure wish I had a relative in the top ranks. I am a computer geek, but hey, it takes a special breed to be hired by Google.

  66. “photoshopped” (jim),

    What a riot. Obviously posed as a joke, and then obviously misunderstood. Obviously… what a weird word.

  67. Thats sweet!! (The Google Offices) But i work and live in a giant white cube on top of a massive hill making weapons and optics for police and military applications. I think we got google beat

  68. Was this site set up by Google for market research? Well, there are many ‘offices’ in London that look like this, and maybe it does break the monotony of the usual working environment, but seems really plastic and trying to be trendy and ‘modern’ and forward thinking and blah blah, and not a little patronising. Still it all seems a bit cheesy and egocentric and self-centred greed based culture with a carrot to hook more people in to the Gordon Gecko ‘greed is good’ passé 80’s mental illness that is at the heart of treating this planet as a garbage bin, so that all our pleasures are catered for. Yes, we do all have to feed our families, but how far does it go? Is life just about getting what you want, at any cost? Please wake up, and think about the bigger picture, at least for 30 seconds, if you can.

  69. Google has a comfortable, zany office with a lot of accommodations: free lunch, in office day care services, game rooms, nice cubes and work stations, lots of bennies etc….however I’ve heard that they only do all this in hopes of keeping employees working for as many hours possible per week by making everything they need outside of work be inside the workplace. Basically they expect long long work hours, have high expectations, and want to you to eat sleep and breathe Google and not have any life of your own. I’ve heard they’re turn around there is actually pretty high because they draw in employees and then when they find out what Google’s really about they leave to find work elsewhere. Nike I hear is fairly similar: has its own food court, own sports fields and courts, own exercise place, offers large discounts at the nike store, etc etc…because they don’t want the workers to every leave or have a life of their own….yes its a bit cult-like. Just both just want happy drones when it comes down to it. Then again that’s basically what all large corporations want.

  70. Wow, I would love to work in an office like that. Going to work would be the best part of my day. It would be great to work for google.

  71. You are Environmentalism! PERFECT! Fortunately, there are some big companies that really care. More real plants, guys!!!

  72. Guys learn to be content and don’t be too impressed , these are just temporal,Seek God and you have everything ok..Read your Bible Jesus is Coming.. this is not our home ok.

  73. People are very critical of that which they do not understand. Many have read of a high turnover due to lack of structure or long working hours, which is somewhat true.

    I have a good friend working there, and it Google is designed for certain types of people, and not all can handle that type of work. He and I are both the “forget most of what is going on and work on things” type, so the Google setting works well for us, since they are there to take care of the things that we forget to do or dont have time to do, etc.

    They do offer these things so that their employees will stay longer, which is the tradeoff. IMO, a good tradeoff, since most of us typically just go home and do the crap that Google is willing to take care of anyways, that way we can spend a few extra hours working on an exciting project instead of some other task.

    It seems that everyone wants to bash Google or call them a cult for wanting their employees to work more, but these people seem to miss the point that Google wants to make their environment stimulating enough so that their employees desire being there, which in turn spurs creativity and reduces stress. I for one am the type that does my best code work between 6PM and 4AM, so an environment where I am welcome to be there during those hours is top-notch for me.

  74. it pulls out your creativity,people can understand what more they can create irrespective of the norms

  75. It would be great working at the office like such, Really cool and futuristic , seems like dream to me but it’s real.

  76. this offices are aesome work there will be the est opportunity in one life because you can express your self ideas in every moement and in the appropiate enviroment

  77. Ohhhhh my goodness is this office? Unbelievable seems like wonderland, until people see such kind of office they can not even imagine this kind of infrastructure and artistic work in office.

  78. Google is my best friend..
    goole can do every thing for me . help .support, Teach me. and friendly web.

    I love goole..keep going to sky my google.

  79. Do you people think after spendin ur office hours in office and when u r at home u spend
    ur time over these activity… ans is no…. because we don’t bother but we all realise its something good and fun….. so why critising a office which is taking care of ur creativity and sport.

  80. this is like brainwash, all google is trying to do is make people want to work all day and bring millions of dollars a year into this corperation so the executives can pay for their bentlies and kids’ private university funds.

  81. I live in New Brunswick , Canada . Offices like Google’s do not exist here . Viewing your office pics fill me with envy , but also hope for a more interesting future !!!!!!

  82. you guys making waves not only for office decors but in capital markets and eps etc…congrats on such an outcalss approach n performance…you trendsetters

  83. Ocem office premises dear…….
    I have dreamed about it…………
    It’s giving possitive energy to do work to reduce work stress…………..
    Thank to giving the idea to achive my destiny….. goal…

    Regards and thanks,
    Niyant Bhatt
    Managing Partner
    The Career Zone.

  84. (reply to SwAtTiMmY)

    “Thats sweet!! (The Google Offices) But i work and live in a giant white cube on top of a massive hill making weapons and optics for police and military applications. I think we got google beat”

    Do you seriously this? Developing new instruments to kill people is better than helping them learn?

  85. nice office! so homey and child friendly 🙂
    continue to be creative guys!

    But don’t forget, good relatioship is great than having an office like this. So mold and create more fun and hardworking people within this office and bring back all the glory to the very source of this- to GOD!

    Touch life!

  86. Where is the Google Office Building? I’m gonna try to convince my parents to take my brother and I there

  87. It looks like those two are really rocking out to the 360 system menu…
    Also, I would give a limb or two to work here.

  88. wowwwwwwwwww!!! I love to work for google, this is the perfect office where i can work more then 24 hours……..plzzzzzz ge be job there………..who is the owner……….plz get me a job…its wowwww

    I wanna look inside once…..hope it would have possible!!! amazing!!

  89. Can I work 4 google????????!!!!!!! That is an amazing building and would be sooooo cool to work in!
    Can you bring cats to work? Not just dogs right?

  90. Agree with Mohamed, don’t get too excited.. just enjoy what we’ve got now and always try to be better… :p

  91. im Elpidio Jay-R T. Cancino and graduate of Information Technology from the Philippines and fan of google.the photos you’ve uploaded is so amazing, its a great office to work an simple person like me possible to work in that office..what are the requirements to be able to apply in google?

  92. “mohamed says:
    January 12, 2010 at 4:30 am
    in this world,anything is not perfect,one day everything will be,be calm and don get excited for this and all.”

    @Mohamed: Wow talk about Negative thinking. Google have a good thing going for them. A workplace such as this gives freedom to the employees and allows them to explore their creative side which leads to innovative concepts, making life easier for us people.
    “… one day everything will be collapsed.” Please take ur depression and negativity elsewhere..

  93. Dear Sir,

    If their is any opening in HR department then please inform me as i have completed my MBA in 2008 with HR.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Nitin Verma

  94. nice interior to work … nice to be relax like a second house where you do not want to leave … perfect concept … i like to
    design that kind of office… dream of a designer ..
    françois robidas designer

  95. hello, la verdad es que me encantaria conocer eso muy bueno
    todas las comodidades bien pensado….besos ..bye

  96. Hey Gogle,
    I love your company rooms. Im sure that they were designed by an occupational therapist because we use all the tools there for Relaxing and controlling the nervous system for the children with special needs that we work with ..
    I love it

  97. I think I am changing my major….
    Forget Education, I want to lay in a claw-foot-bathtub in front of an aquarium!

  98. Amazing offices- more importantly, what a fantastic company strategy for employees- thinking no sick days no excuse for no babysitter warm family environment develops the artistic and intellect that sets Google as the world leader! And if you need a seasoned Executive level Sales and Marketing individual- email me!

  99. Work for google is just like dreams come true. I love to being a part of your organization.

    Best wishes for Google 🙂

  100. hey!!

    the office lukz really great..:)

    someday r de adar i’l b working der!! datz 4 sure..:P

  101. speed dosnt matter,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    is in`t it nice name with full fame
    that is why i love gooooooooooooogle……..


  102. Office is looking very good and good atmosphere and very interest to work. In google working peoples r enjoying very much.

  103. Yes this looks very nice Mr Gooooogle, however my office has a nice dungeon theme going, so ill just keep on trolling on.

  104. Dear Sir – i am working with a MNC (US based)since last 2 year in finance department,would appriciate if you could let me know if there is any opening in the accounts & finance deptt.

    best regards

  105. Dear Sir,

    I am working in India. Mine is Govt. Job. I wanna be there atleast in my dream. Let me know if any openings

  106. This is Priya from Chennai, India, As i am Govt.Employee, i wanna be there. let me know any opportunity comes.

    Priya Sankar

  107. i want 2 work in Google company … office is so nice . i like interior of DE office .. i m working in private company .. if der any openings plz plz inform me …

  108. Dear team

    Office is looking very attractive atmosphere and very interest to work. google team members r enjoying very much.

  109. Hi,

    i have never seen such a wonderfull place to wotk.
    keep it up google.


  110. pretty cool, never seen or imagined anything like that!
    I’d like to visit there myself someday…….

    anyway its cool and I’m gonna tell my friends about this, i bet they’ll get a shock about how awesome this is…….

  111. Very “out the box.” With a environment like this, how can one not be creative? Great job Google…i likey.

  112. Awesome! I Couldn’t even imagine this kind of office atmosphere and facilities. It’s really cool.

  113. Just amazing !!!
    The most beautiful place to work in the earth.
    See how the google takes care of its epmloyees.
    So ,a big dream to work with such organisation.

    -Hiren padharia

  114. wowwwwwwww…
    Awesome! I Couldn’t even imagine this kind of office atmosphere and facilities. It’s really cool..
    pretty cool, never seen or imagined anything like that!
    I’d like to get a job here..

  115. Awesome! I Couldn’t even imagine this kind of office atmosphere and facilities. It’s really cool..
    pretty cool, never seen or imagined anything like that!
    I’d like to get a job here..

  116. hey,

    its is really gr8! i want to visit there at once in my life if possible.
    niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee, i m speechless…


  117. yo. is it an office? you kiding me. dont pull my leg. can i work there? i think it would be better for both us if i can work with you.

  118. If you ppl can share your address I can show you the last PIC….and that is actually Google…My Office

  119. It’s a marvellous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!office. it’s rocking………………………………………………………… So much sophisticated. I have the desire to join in it.May it come true. U guys doing good jobs.go on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. OOooooHHHhhhhh…LaLa !!! Its mindblowing, spectacular, awesome, state of art….falling short of adjectives really. Dream place to work in. Keep it up guyz, u’ll serve as an example to other corporates to retain & motivate their employees + create an ambience to seed new ideas & creativity in employees.

  121. Fantastic….
    The office layout should be like that then only the innovations will be observed & the employees creative thinging will increase.

  122. Amazing! the environment here,i thing totaly different from other corporate offices of the world,although they do genious job.

  123. amazing, this is totally different envirment, no body can say that. is it work place or resting place.. i thing this place is looking just like a picnic spot… .. and we got new ideas.. ..

    wow MCB Hyd.

  124. check it out……… Office of the most famous search engine…….
    astonishing…….just incredible…….love it…….

  125. amazing, this is totally different envirment, no body can say that. is it work place or resting place.. i thing this place is looking just like a picnic spot… .. and we got new ideas.. ..

  126. Hello…!!!!
    I want to visit google office once in my life..
    plzzzz permit me to visit office…

    very very sophisticated…

  127. I’m sure that, every one of this office are happy & haing a great fun,Iwish i coulid one of them………….

  128. Wow……….. What a place yeah…………. simply awesome………… mindblowing, spectacular the mirror of heaven can be seen through it…………… Great Office Art, structure……… Have no much word to describe !!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. Rocking place to work & Implementation of new innovation of Employess….!!!!!! Dam good to see…!!!! love to a part of google…..!!!!!

  130. I want to work in Google office….Tell me if there is any vacancy..pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  131. Please someone learn from them and make ur own offices like em !!! I know its a bit to ask !!!!! But the pics are awesome

  132. Google can give opportunity like me who is low level surrounded family. If any one this in google please give me a chance to work with google. cont no +91-8122252528

  133. amazing … they define creativity .. who wont love to work in this kind of an office … WOW!! … this wud b my dream Co. to work for :):)

  134. is this possible to get job in google office…. i really want to do job in google office dat is my dream………..!!!!!!!!

  135. wowww…ausume yaar…tht i wld called a office…n want to b owner of company like google..!.:)
    it’s nt my attitude bt it’s my dream..!

  136. this is just one of the reasons why they are the best,,every single work effort you put there is worth it.. best ever,,they are not just the search engine only but awesome business ventures…i just love it

  137. google employees are the most luckiest persons in this world………. from today i’ll try to become a lucky GOOD LUCK GOOGLE……………. i’m coming sooner

  138. i want to work in Google company as a post of junior level.
    i will accept any post like as Accountant, Backend, Backoffice Operation or computer operator.

  139. hi google,i ll look your office infrastructure,superb………i want to work in Google company as a post of junior level.amazing … they define creativity .. who wont love to work in this kind of an office … WOW!! … this wud b my dream Co. to work for :):)…….i ll be waited on join the google…..

    India(Tamil Nadu)

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