The most famous manipulation of images [28 PICS]

The most famous manipulation of images from 1860 to 2006.
Very interesting! Advise Advise all to see!

1860: This is one of the most famous portraits of Abraham Lincoln.
Unfortunately, only here from Lincoln’s head, the body belongs to John Calhoun.


1865: General Francis Blair (on the stool right) was later added to the picture.


1930: With photos of missing drug Stalinom water transport Yezhov, who was dismissed from his post


1936: In China this photo with Mao Zedong. Since it was removed According to Ku, after his quarrel with Chief


1937: With photos with Hitler disappeared Goebbels. Reason and remained unclear


1942: In order for photos, he looked more heroically, Benito Mussolini ordered to remove man holding a horse


1968: After Fidel Castro supported the entry of Soviet troops in Czechoslovakia, Carlos Franco (middle) to quarrel with him and sent to Italy.
Then he disappears and with photographs


May, 1970: Photo by John Filo, received a Pulitzer Prize, has been amended to cover the magazine Life.
With the rear fence plan disappeared.


September, 1971: Chancellor Willy Brandt of Germany at a meeting with Leonid Brezhnev.
Progress rumors that both were rather drunken during the negotiations. True or not – no longer know.
But in the German press was photography, which are visible in the background, bottles of wine, as in the Soviet press Fill the bottle.


September, 1976: The so-called “gang of four” – a group of Chinese Communist Party leaders who were removed from office and arrested in 1976 after the death of Mao Zedong, has been removed and with pictures from Mao.


February, 1982: Pyramids on the cover of “National Geographic” have been shifted to fit on the cover.


August, 1989: Renowned American Leading Opra Winfrey on the cover of TV Guide.
The head Opry, but the body belongs to actress Ann-Margaret and photo was made in 1979.
After the actress learned a dress designer, scandal erupted because none of the women did not know about manipulation


February, 1994: Two figure, enemies in the arena and in life, Nancy Kerigan and Tonya Harding, appeared on the cover together.


June, 1994: Time magazine photo blur About J. Simpson, that he seemed more dark and sinister.
Unfortunately, the magazine for the same photo appeared on the cover of Newsweek.


November, 1997: After terrorists killed 58 foreign tourists at the temple Hatshepsut, Egypt, the Swiss tabloid Blick came with a photograph of this stream of blood from the temple. At the same original shows that it is only water


December, 1997: Bobby Makkafi and her husband Kenny made the world a sensation, a woman first gave birth to seven children.
Newsweek magazine has decided to sub for her teeth. This time they had already summed magazine Time, published Bobby with its usual teeth.


September 2000: To show that the University of Wisconsin studying people of different races, the picture has been added to the Afro-American.
The main photograph dated 1993 m year, photo black – 1994 m. The administration said that they spent all summer in search of such photographs this, but have not found suitable.


January, 2003: GQ done feet Kate Winslet more artistic. She was very unhappy and said that the thickness of the legs was reduced by one third.


January, 2003: The photo below the original version of the cover of the album Beatles “Abbey Road”. In the hands of Paul McCartney cigarette.
On posters in the U.S. cigarette Fill.


July, 2003: Julia Roberts on the cover of Redbook. Cute? Yes. But the head and body are drawn from different photo.
The editor explained that the fact that they wanted to make a perfect cover.


April, 2003: The picture was created from two photos, which you can see under it.
For forging photos of English soldiers in Basra photographer with 30 – years experience was dismissed from the Los Angeles Times.


February 2004: Scandal during the race in the United States.
In the photograph John Kerry sitting next to Jane Fonda during anti-war demonstrations in 1971.
Actually, the photo made from two different pictures. Jane Fonda photographed in 1972 m.


March 2004: Re-election campaign in the United States.


April, 2004: Photos, which nadelala lot of noise on the Internet.
On the picture is written “Lolp Bordeaux killed my father and raped her sister.”
During interrogation the soldiers denied this inscription, saying that in fact there was written “Welcome, marines”
So until now, and it is not clear what is original


September 2006: During the meeting, Bush writes a note Condoleezza Rice: “I think I need the toilet. This is possible?”
Reuters admitted that made the text clearer, but deny that they think of him.


November, 2005: Especially for children’s books from the hands of illustrator Clement Harda removed cigarette.


December, 2005: Again political advertising. At the end of movie photography. The soldier in front of a screen on which is written “Our soldiers are watching, but also enemies”
At the original photos can be seen that soldiers watched the movie “Grinch – Christmas thief.”


January 2006: Indian actress Khushbu brought action against the magazine “Maxim” for the fact that they attach to her head tolerance body



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  1. Perhaps someone has heard of one photo I have been looking for, it’s of a Vietnam POW. A photographer somehow managed to capture pics of imprisoned vet’s, black and white– there is one of a man sitting on a bench and his hands are in fists, resting on each side near his legs. The original (which I believe was on the cover of TIME or LIFE) was as described- but I’m looking for the original. In the original picture the POW actually has his middle fingers extended, so he’s actually giving-the-finger, flipping-the-bird…

    Anyway I’ve been looking for it for some years now and have had no luck. If anyone knows please help! email me at

  2. Great interesting collection. I’m sure some of them are for printing in black and white newspapers (like castro), but for goebbels to be erased. wtf?

  3. What about the recent one with the iranian missile tests, where they removed and poorly cloned in sand where the misfired rocket launcher stood…

  4. Reading that made my head throb. Sadly, I could see some people in the US writing like that.

  5. There is no possible way this persons first language is English. It actually gets worse and worse as the article goes on. Yet the author understands phrases like “so-called”. I cannot understand how this was formed in your brain:

    “Again political advertising. At the end of movie photography. The soldier in front of a screen on which is written “Our soldiers are watching, but also enemies”
    At the original photos can be seen that soldiers watched the movie “Grinch – Christmas thief.””

    It sounds to me like someone asian wrote this judging by the complete lack of context at the start of each scentence its like juming into the middle of a conversation.

    “At the end of movie photography.” ….what the hell??

    Congratulations to the author, you have managed to completely overshadow the pictures with your ridiculous interpretation of the english language.

  6. Do you speak or read proper English because you sure as hell can’t write it?

    “January 2006: Indian actress Khushbu brought action against the magazine “Maxim” for the fact that they attach to her head tolerance body”

    ..attach head tolerance body
    What does that mean?


  7. The images were very interesting, but the poor english grammar reduced the effectiveness of the article. Too bad!

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