Interesting facts about Iceland

In the world there is a huge number of countries. They are all different, have their own history, language and culture. Customs and residents of one country may seem wild to the citizens of another, and vice versa. Perhaps the most mysterious and unusual are those countries that are surrounded by water from all sides. One of the most mysterious countries is Iceland.

Interesting facts about Iceland will not leave anyone indifferent, this is really a unique country:

1. According to statistics, Icelanders live very long. People there can survive to 100-110 years, and this will not be considered something unusual. The average life expectancy is 70-80 years. Perhaps this is due to a good climate, but there are other, more significant factors that affect it.

2. It is worth saying that the population of this small country is not too big. There live about 320 thousand people. Therefore, there is an opinion that everyone here has to somebody a relative or, at least, a friend. Thanks to this, it is a very friendly nation, considering it its duty to help a compatriot. But foreigners here too can count on a warm welcome.

3. All Icelanders actively use the World Wide Web. The percentage of Internet-dependent is more here than anywhere else. Each resident is registered in the local social network, where he enters soy data – name, date of birth, city and address.

4. Practically the whole population of Iceland believes in elves, trolls and other fairy-tale creatures. They even forbade deforestation, lumberjacks need to coordinate this with the communities in advance, so that they do not accidentally destroy the trolls’ habitats.

5. Iceland has a large number of sheep, even more than its population. Sheep have a unique wool. Over the years, the sheep were in harsh climatic conditions, so that their hair became water repellent, which allowed it to stay warm longer. Because of the large amount of wool, the national clothes of local – wool sweaters. Also, wool is successfully exported to other countries. Therefore Icelanders are called “woolen tycoons”.

6. One of the oddities is that you can not import horses into the territory. Even if she was born here and just left for a while. It seems like discrimination, but society can not do anything to protect animals, because the rest of the animals are normal

7. National dishes do not have foreigners here. Their favorite dish is foul shark meat. Icelanders generally like something piquant. What is just their custom to make garnish for lamb from lactic acid.

8. In Iceland, mostly pacifists live. This explains the fact that they have no army. And compulsory service, too. A paradise for 20-year-old young people. And what is there for resolving conflicts? The answer is the police and the coast guard. True, they do not have firearms and they can not present a serious threat to the criminal, unless they throw an ax. It is worth mentioning to the government’s defense that such means are not needed. People here trust each other so much that they can leave doors to the house or car open, without worrying about the safety of their property.

9. On the territory of Iceland are thousands of different sources of water, including bitterness. This allows residents to conduct water pipes to the house directly from them. That is, they save gas and electricity, which we use to heat water. Central heating is still there, but it is used in rare cases.

10. Everyone in my head was convinced that Iceland was cold. But this is not so! Here, even the greatest frosts do not lower the thermometer below -6 degrees Celsius. That is, even the spring may be more severe than the Icelandic winter. The explanation is simple: the Gulf Stream, a warm oceanic current, is close, warms the air and the waters around the island, so it is warm there even at the height of the weather. But, the problem is that in the winter there is very little sun. And for the prevention of rickets, they consume fish oil in special capsules.

11. There is another strangeness of the Icelanders: they believe that it is safer with a cold, “pull” snot, and not blow your nose. Despite the fact that throughout the world it is considered harmful, they think differently.

12. Icelanders – are not at all original. Even the name can not be just invented, but you need to take it from the register. If you really want to name your son, for example, Mandarin, you can coordinate this decision with the authorities, so that they put the name on the register, and it became official.

13. Icelanders are extremely fond of showing their trust tactfully by touching a person. Do not be surprised if you get pawed from head to toe in a meeting, it’s considered normal, no one tries to pester.

14. In addition, they do not care what others think about them. In the order of things, go to the store, for example, in pajamas. No one will poke their fingers, it’s everyone’s right: to dress what they want.

15. For the people of Iceland, Eurovision is sacred. If football they look with reluctance, then the music contest is considered one of the best creations of a person.

16. Icelanders are very gifted. Among them there are many artists and designers. Therefore, the authorities do not prohibit adolescents from painting buildings. Because they develop the talents of youth.

17. They also have a special attitude towards alcohol. The price does not depend on the year of aging, or the material, but on the fortress. Therefore, there ordinary vodka can cost several times more than wine.

18. This is a tolerant nation. At the legislative level, gay parades and same-sex marriages are allowed here. The percentage of such weddings is not too large, since most residents are adherents of traditional families.

Of course, interesting facts about Iceland do not end there. The country still has a lot of mystery, it is due to the fact that the Icelanders have preserved the traditions of their ancestors and do not pursue “modernity”. Definitely, this country is a must for travelers, because there is so much unique and unusual for us.

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